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Hello and welcome to The Good Shepherd Shirts most frequently asked questions page. If you would like as a question not listed below, please free to use our Contact TGSS page.

Do you print on both sides, front and back, on your apparel products? 
We only print on the front, either center chest or left chest, to keep product costs down.  On special occasions we can produce specialty products, but they are not normally for public purchase.


It seems on most of your products you only have small to double extra large, do you plan on having larger sizes? 
We started our line of products with adult sizes ranging from Small to 2XL for both men and women apparel.  This was for simplicity originally.  We are certainly open to adding additional sizes if the market dictates that move.


Do you plan to offer different scripture verses on your products?
We started our product line with a set number of verses, compiled over time before the launch of our website.  These nine verses we started with really struck a chord with our team and that is what we went with, including Matthew 19:14 and the children.  

We do have a wider list of verses that we plan on introducing on different apparel in the future.  We are also open to suggestions from our customers and visitors.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free submit your verse suggestion.


Why does it take longer to initiate the shipping on the product I ordered? 
To help maintain cost of our products we do not maintain an on-hand inventory to ship, but rather product the product as soon as it is ordered and then ship it via the method you specify at checkout.